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Fabens High School Band ATSSB All-Region

Fabens H. S. band students participated in the ATSSB (Association of Texas Small School Bands) All-Region auditions obtaining excellent results and I am very proud to inform you that many of them have advanced to AREA.

The All-Region band competition is an individual audition in where students demonstrate their musical and technical abilities performing a set of scales and two challenging pieces of music. The schools that compete with each other are Clint H. S., Mountain View H. S., San Elizario, H.S., Radford Private School, Riverside H.S. and Fabens H. S.

The auditions took place from December 5-9 virtually. Students were given a link and then they had to log in and record their performance. Normally this audition is in person, but the pandemic has forced all music performances to be virtual. Despite the challenges of virtual learning these students have overcome all difficulties. I am very proud of all of them and I always feel privileged for having the opportunity of working with these kids. Thank you, and thank you for supporting our program.


ATSSB audition results:

Joy Nevarez - Flute - 6th - AREA qualifier
Lisette Chavez - Clarinet - 5th - AREA qualifier
Deven Gutierrez - Clarinet - 7th - AREA qualifier
Juan Acosta - Clarinet - 9th - AREA qualifier
Isaiah Gonzalez - Alto Sax - 1st - AREA qualifier
Michael Dettman - Tenor Sax - 2nd - AREA qualifier
Adam Regalado - F Horn 1st - AREA qualifier
Kaitlyn Dettman - F Horn 2nd - AREA qualifier
Julian Iglesias - Trombone - 3rd - AREA qualifier
Emilie Espinoza - Euphonium - 3rd - AREA qualifier
Lilia Balderrama - Euphonium - 4th
Sugey Rios - Euphonium - 6th