Congratulations to teachers added to Teacher Incentive Allotment for Cohort E!
    For the current year, Cohort D teachers:
    FISD is currently analyzing the final student growth data for Fabens ISD alongside state and national data to determine the final cut points to be used for Teacher Incentive Allotment determinations. Once the analysis is complete, we will post all cut points by grade level and growth measure. Teacher score cards will be available in September, 2022. The STAAR state performance standards presented to you in the TIA overview were developed using a value-added model pre-COVID and FISD uses other growth measures in addition to STAAR depending on teaching assignment. 
    As a reminder, TIA designations are not conferred until TEA and Texas Tech complete data validation for participating districts in the winter of 2022 and notify us of results no earlier than February 2023.
    For more information go to: Teacher Incentive Allotment (tiatexas.org)

    Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) - House Bill 3 


    About TIA

    The Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) was created by the 86th Texas Legislature in June 2019 through House Bill 3, TEC §48.112 set a goal that Texas classroom teachers would have access to a six-figure salary. The state Teacher Incentive Allotment provides additional financial distributions directly to districts based on teacher identification, student need as identified by compensatory education allotment (see TEC §48.104), and campus location (i.e., rural vs. non-rural). The statute requires that ninety percent of TIA funds are used for compensating teachers employed at campuses with TIA-designated teachers. Based on a locally-developed teacher designation system detailed in TEC §21.3521, teacher access to additional compensation is based on the local identification of teachers as master, exemplary, or recognized. The local system must consider teacher evaluation and student growth outcomes. Once earned, teacher identification is applied to an individual’s teaching certificate and valid for a five-year period.
    • Rewarding Teacher Excellence in Texas,https://tiatexas.org
    • Created by the TX Legislature as part of HB 3 to provide a realistic pathway for top teachers to earn six-figure salaries and to help attract and retain highly effective teachers at traditionally hard-to-staff schools
    • Districts will develop and implement a designation system; TEA WILL issue authority to districts based on the reliability and validity of their system, but WILL NOT determine designations themselves. 


    Pathway to an Improved Salary

    • Cohort D- Districts planning to build a local designation system with the capture year of 2021-2022 or later 
    • Success Factor 1: Calibrated Teacher Observation System (T-TESS)
      • Schedule of observations
      • Calibrations for evaluators
      • Congruence of observation scores to student growth


    • Success Factor 2: Accurate and Reliable Measure of a Teacher’s Impact on Student Growth
      • Student growth measures included in annual teacher summative
      • Quality student growth measures on STAAR, pre/post-tests, other normed tests
      • Disaggregate and analyze the data to detect and prevent irregularities


    • Success Factor 3: Developing a Local Designation System
      • Stakeholder engagement in building a plan (teachers, principals, school board members, community members)
      • Teacher engagement
      • Resources, policies, and frameworks


    • Success Factor 4: TIA Rollout Communication Plan
      • District and school board leadership buy-in
      • Stakeholder communication
      • Teacher-directed communication


    • Success Factor 5:  Plan for Spending Allotment Funds
      • Gather input to inform decisions about how funds will be spent at the campus and district level
      • How to spend 10%  of the district’s allotment on implementation of the program
      • Abiding by requirements of TEC 48.112 and providing a rationale for spending decisions
      • Creating a plan for those teachers who move across campuses in the district


    • Success Factor 6:  Sustainability of Local Designation System
      • Human Resources support- recruitment and retention
      • Budget and finance
      • Payroll system support
      • Technology support
      • Legal support
      • Plan for continuous improvement
      • Support for new teachers