• Fabens Independent School Districts recognize that each student is unique and special. A student’s involvement in their own educational path can be a contributing factor to success.  A wide array of enriching programs, extracurricular clubs, pathways, and specialized schools provide students with choices to match their interests.  This level of involvement, also called child or student-led learning, is seen when parents and children work together to create the child’s academic plans.

    Fabens ISD provides a variety of project-based academic programs including Career and Technical Education (CTE), Gifted and Talented, Dual Language, Dual Credit, T-STEAM, , P-TEK, and an Early College Program as well as a multitude of after school programs and projects.  Students will gain skills and knowledge in business and trade programs like Information Technology, Film/Video Production, Animation, Culinary Arts, Automotive Technology, Floral Design, Health Sciences, Fashion Design, etc.  Even more, students can graduate high school with college credits and/or associate’s degrees, and industry certifications. 


    The wide variety of programs offered at Fabens ISD support student-led choices. As a result, students may easily find their niche, develop their passions and talents, learn through hands-on experience, and open up their minds to what their futures could hold. In addition, valuable life skills might be acquired along the way.