• It is the mission of the Fabens Security Department to provide services with integrity and to work in partnership with the Fabens Community, the City and County of El Paso, and other law enforcement agencies in order to enhance the quality of education and life in our community.

    As a Fabens ISD School Security Officer, my duty is to assist in maintaining an atmosphere conducive to learning. 


    • Protect staff and students from violence and harm 

    • Treat individuals encountered during my daily duties with respect (everyone) 

    • Comply with all laws, rules, and regulations 

    • Exercise only reasonable and necessary force when the occasion absolutely requires it. 

    • Act within the scope of my duties 

    • Set aside all personal bias in the exercise of my duties and execute my duties with professionalism and integrity. 

    • Honor and always uphold confidentiality 

    • Performing duties with diligence, decorum, and professionalism 

    • To strive to continually improve my performance by seeking training and educational opportunities that will better prepare me for my security duties 

Director of Safety and Security

  • Michael Perez

    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 697, Fabens TX. 79838
    Phone: (915) 765-2670


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