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Les BD/Manga/Manfra

La bande dessinée (aussi BD ou Bédé ) est une forme d'expression artistique, utilisant des dessins accompagnés de textes.
The comic (commonly shortened to BD or Bédé in French) is a form of artistic expression, using drawings accompanied by texts.
Comics are huge in France and in Belgium. Manga is also an important part of the French comics scene with works translated from Japanese and by way of Manfra (manga en français) as well. France is the second largest consumer of Manga in the world after Japan.
Manga is often translated into and available in French before it is in English.
Pierrot Co., Ltd. the Japanese animation company that produces Tokyo Ghoul and other popular anime got it's name from the French word for a type of Pantomime.
Manga-mania in France (article from 2004)
...and France even has a school where you can go to study and create Manga (and Japanese too). It is located in Toulouse, France: École Internationale du Manga et de l'Animation
L’École Internationale du Manga et de l’Animation
L’École Internationale du Manga et de l’Animation
It started as an outcome of Toulouse Manga which offers hobby courses in Japanese, Korean and manga drawing.They even offer online courses via SKYPE.
Sites officiels of some of the most popular BD en français: