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Mr. Jose L Del Rio Jr » Rules and Expectations

Rules and Expectations

Classroom Rules and Expectations
1. Play or talk only when directed to.
2. Be ready with all of your supplies when the director is ready to begin rehearsing.
3. Food, gum, candy and drinks are NOT allowed in the band room. Only bottled water.
4. Respect property rights (IF IT’S NOT YOURS, DO NOT TOUCH)!
5. Only Band Students are allowed in the band hall – Everyone else can wait outside.
6. Follow campus set rules as per Student Handbook.
7. Most importantly: HAVE FUN!!!

1. Verbal Warning
2. Chair Demotion and parent contact
3. Put instrument away. Student will do an alternate written assignment for a grade of 50
4. Teacher/Student conference and lunch detention
5. Teacher/Student/Parent conference and lunch detention
6. Visit to the counselor
7. Office referral
*Defiance, profanities, or violence will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate office referral

Being in band is a commitment; it is required for you to attend all rehearsals, sectionals and performances. The success of the band depends on you being there!! This is why attendance/participation and tests/quizzes have a 70% grade value. If you are not there to play your part, WHO WILL?!?!?

In order to achieve and maintain a high quality band program, it is sometimes necessary to have extra rehearsals outside of the regular school day. If possible, extra rehearsals will be scheduled in advance so that transportation arrangements can be made. A schedule for such rehearsals will be sent home to parents.

If at any time a band member is unable to attend a rehearsal or a performance, it is the student’s responsibility to notify the director no less than three days in advance or one day in advance for emergencies. More advanced notice would be appreciated. Absences will be considered unexcused unless advance approval is given. Notification of an absence does not excuse an absence. It will be up to the director whether or not the absence will be excused.

Attendance at all performances and rehearsals is MANDATORY and an unexcused absence will result in lowering the student’s grade and loss of privileges. As a co-curricular performance oriented activity, attendance is REQUIRED for performances and rehearsals beyond regular school hours. Unexcused absences from rehearsals and performances will result in lowered grade, chair demotion, and kept from band functions.

Performance and Trip Procedures:
I. Performance/Concert Procedure:

• “To be on time is to be early, to be late is to be on time!” Please be early and ready to go.
• For concerts, all students must wait until the end of the entire performance and performance area has been cleaned to leave. We all need to help and support one another.

II. Trip Procedure by bus:
Students will ride the bus to and from events unless there are special circumstances and/or prior arrangements have been made with the director.
• If parents want to take their child with them after an event the following procedure must be followed:
i. The director must have a note on file at least 48 hours in advance of the function.
ii. The student, parent(s) and one of the directors (or a designated chaperone, if the directors have judging duties) must meet face to face at the time the student leaves with the parent and sign a release form if one wasn’t filled out prior to the event.
iii. This is for the student’s safety!

In all cases, I will send out announcements for scheduled events and rehearsals with approximate times. We will send this home with your child for every single event.

Texas is a “No Pass, No Play” state. Students must be passing All classes at the end of a six week period in order to participate in any off campus event. Students can then regain eligibility at the end of the next three week period (progress report) if they are passing All classes. Eligibility status changes at 4:00 the Friday following the end of a grading period.

It is very important that all band students remain eligible in order to perform at FHS Band Night, All-Region Auditions, Solo & Ensemble, Pre-UIL, UIL and UTEP Beginning Band Festival. Please help to make sure that your child is completing and turning in all assignments. For this reason, ALL students are expected to maintain a grade average of 80 or above in ALL their classes. This will ensure that the student remains eligible for all school functions and events.

Daily Participation
Every student will start at 100. Points will be deducted accordingly. Students are also expected to take their instrument home every day for practice. Grades will be lowered if their instrument is left at school at the end of the day. Periodically, students will be required to attend extra rehearsals; these rehearsals will be scheduled before and/or after school. Failure to attend will result in a 0 for that assignment. If a student is sick or involved in athletics it is up to them to make sure that I am aware of the situation so that I can try to make accommodations for them.

Students should take their instruments home daily to practice for a minimum of 30 minutes a day. If a student cannot practice at home for whatever reason, he/she must schedule with the director to come in before school or after school to get in their practice time. Practicing is essential to the success of the individual student as well as the entire band. Daily sign-out sheets and practice logs will be issued and taken as a weekly grade.