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David Natividad » Athletics Welcomes New Trainer

Athletics Welcomes New Trainer

Fabens athletics welcomes new trainer, Coach Leroy Bates. This is his first year working as an athletic trainer. Coach Bates graduated from El Dorado H.S. He obtained his bachelor's degree at UTEP and his master's degree at Texas Tech Health Science Center. "Fabens athletes make me feel a sense of pride. I'm happy to see them do well and pursue the best they can achieve," Coach Bates explained. After asking him the importance of being an athletic trainer, he answered "The Importance of being an athletic trainer is being able to support your athletes/ patients during the darkest times. Being laid low by injury or illness is a battle that one should never go through alone. It is there that the athletic trainer brings their strength and helps bring out the best in people's abilities through those depressing moments and being a strong, stable support that others can look towards." Now Coach Bates looks forward to the excitement of this year. "The year has been really fun so far and every day something new happens. No two injuries are alike and no two athletes are alike either. Always busy, but the challenge is what makes it enjoyable. Every incident is like a puzzle and it's fun to solve them."