Fabens Independent School District

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T-STEM Academy » Benchmark 6: Student Support

Benchmark 6: Student Support

Mandatory Tutoring and ICU
Mandatory Tutoring: 
Tutoring is assigned by individual teachers based on student needs.  Student will sign a letter stating he/she is aware of his/her attendance with that particular teacher for a specific amount of time.  Student is responsible of informing the parents of the mandatory tutoring.
A communication tool used on campus when students have missing or incomplete assignments.  Teachers submit the names of students missing/incomplete work into the ICU database. The database then submits a text/email to parents alerting them of the students progress in class.  Teachers communicate with students of the missing/incomplete assignments.  The student is required to complete the assignment after school for a grade.
A+ Program: 
Credit Recovery for Seniors who are lacking credit.  Students have the opportunity to recover credit through the on-line program, A+. Student has access to a teacher guide during class to complete lessons.