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T-STEM Academy » Benchmark 4: Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

Benchmark 4: Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

Curriculum Alignment Documents
TSI /ACT/ SAT Testing
The following testing dates are determined on official websites and changes may occur. 
Please reference the SAT website and ACT or contact our campus couselors, Mr. P. Gonzalez (TSI/PSAT/ASVAB) and Ms. V. Rodriguez (SAT/ACT).
August 24: SAT Sign-up @ Library/English Classes
October 6: SAT Exam @ FHS/8am-1pm
October 10: PSAT @ FHS Gym/ 10th graders
October 25: ASVAB @ FHS Gym/ 8am-noon
December 8: ACT Testing / location was students' choice
January TBD: TSI Pre-Assessment Activity Module
January 11: ACT Registration Deadline for February 9 testing
February 8: SAT Registration Deadline for March 9 testing
February TBD: TSI Testing
April 5: SAT Registration Deadline for May 4 testing