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Special Education Department

Co-Teaching Follow-Up Training Session

A follow-up training session was provided for teachers across the district who are currently implementing co-teaching models in their respective classrooms. This session focused on addressing current challenges in co-teaching and how these challenges were classified into communication, planning and/or administrative concerns, and ideas to minimize or rectify these concerns. Additionally, a review of different delivery models was presented, a team building activity was conducted, and an opportunity to plan a lesson to appropriately meet the needs of all students in a co-teaching environment was completed.
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6th Annual Conference for Parents of Children with Disabilities

The theme for this conference was "Coming of Age." The conference was held on Saturday, February 13, 2016 from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m at the Ysleta ISD Administrative and Cultural Arts Center (9600 Sims Dr.). Continental breakfast and catered lunch were provided and Dr. Adam Saenz, School Psychologist, was the keynote speaker.
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Living Skills Teachers Meeting

A meeting was held on December 11, 2015 with the Living Skills Teachers across the district to discuss the STAAR-Alternate 2 assessment, professional development opportunities and the possible implementation of the Unique Learning System.
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Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) Training

The focus of CPI training is on prevention and safe defusion of anxious, hostile, or violent behavior at the earliest possible stage. The purpose of the training is to reduce the risk of injury, comply with legislative mandates, meet regulatory/accreditation standards, improve staff retention, minimize exposure to liability, and promote care, welfare, safety and security.
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Accommodations/Modifications Information Session

Attached is the Power Point presentation that was presented to the faculty at Fabens Elementary and O'Donnell Intermediate campuses. Please feel free to review the presentation and contact our SPED office should you have any questions. Thank you to the FES and O'Donnell teachers for your time, attention and professionalism!
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Building the Perfect Team Member

Here are pictures of the SPED department staff working on a team building activity on building the perfect team member. This is a member who accepts rapid change without stress, who works well with all colleagues, who builds up others and gives credit for their hard work, etc., etc.
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