Fabens Independent School District

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STEM Summer Camp 2017

The number of students at this year's camp went up to a total of 50.  The camp participants were divided into an elementary, middle and high school group.  Activities and lessons that students participated in ranged from building model cars and bridges, to firing rockets, to testing student-constructed boats, to using 3D printers.  Overall, the students made great strides in their learning on all the creative, interesting, hands-on and learner-centered activities!

Thank you to this year's teachers for running such an effective and impactful camp: Fuad Abujawayed, Maria Apodaca, Leticia Beltran, Alexys Candelaria, Laura Dettman, Lilia Garcia, Ray Garcia, Ricardo Pacheco, and Ismael Salas. The efforts of Dr. Lourdes Alarcon, Emma Perez and Angelica Raya are greatly appreciated!  The camp would not have run as effectively as it did without their hard work and support!