Fabens Independent School District

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Dress and Grooming For Students

1. O’Donnell Intermediate students are required to wear the approved standard dress:
  • Solid color navy blue or gold T-shirt, with or without FISD logo. (No pocket, no collar)
  • Blue denim jeans or navy blue “Docker” style pants. Blue denim, knee-length shorts or skirts.
  • All students are to keep their shirts tucked into their pants at all times. Plain black, brown, or white belts will be required at all times for boys and girls. Military type webbed belts with metal buckles (plain or with initials cut into them) are prohibited. Belts with large buckles, embellishments, studs, or spikes are prohibited.
  • Tennis shoes with socks.

2. Extremely brief garments such as short skirts and short shorts are not appropriate and are not   allowed.

3. Hairnets, caps, hats, and bandanas are not allowed on school grounds unless allowed for an authorized school activity.

4. Garments, which depict religious symbols, promote alcohol, drugs, gangs, substance use and abuse, obscene or suggestive pictures or slogans are not allowed.

5. Male students are not allowed to wear earrings. No student may wear an earring on any part of the body not designed for earrings. Female students may only wear one pair of earrings on earlobes. Jewelry determined by the principal to be excessive in amount of size will not be allowed. Students may not wear artificial nails, long nails, or make-up.

6. All students must have their hair groomed in a neat fashion. All hair must be worn cut and styled in such a manner so as not to cause any distraction or disturbance to the instructional focus of the school. (No hair covering eyes.) Student haircuts must be a level 1 or above. All male and female hair color must be a natural color; no bleaching is allowed. Male students are not allowed to wear their hair in the form of “rat-tails”, “duck-tails”, “pig-tails”, Mohawks, fangs, slicked back or buzz cuts (1 or below). Dyeing of hair is prohibited. All hair length will be equally proportional to hair cut. Male student’s hair may not fall below the collar. Additionally, no lines or designs may be shaved into eyebrows or hair.

7. Torn clothing is not allowed.

8. No student is allowed to wear overly baggy clothes of any kind. Sagging is not allowed on this campus.

The administration reserves the right to extend the dress code to include attire not listed specifically above, but which are deemed to be inappropriate or detrimental to the educational process.