Teacher Incentive Allotment

Fabens ISD TIA Spending Plan

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    Fabens ISD Teacher Incentive Allotment Spending Plan

    Distribution of Compensation

    Statute requires that 90% of Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) funds be distributed directly to teachers at the designated teacher’s campus: 

    • The individual TIA-designated teacher will be allocated 70% of the teacher TIA dollars for distribution.
    • The other 20% will be consolidated at the campus level and then evenly distributed among other high-performing teachers (PEIMS 087) that meet the District’s criteria for high performance.

    The District shall retain 10% of the TIA dollars to use as follows: 

    • To support district oversight of the implementation of TIA and ongoing development of TIA  and resources. 
    • To compensate campus instructional coaches evenly across the district who provide instructional planning support and staff development in support of teachers in obtaining TIA Designations.
    • To provide instructional resources and professional development to support teachers in obtaining TIA Designations.
    • To support teachers in obtaining a National Board Certification.


    This same compensation plan will be used for designated teachers entering Fabens ISD with a designation and distributed as described according to their campus assignment. 

    Frequency of Compensation

    TIA compensation is an annual allotment provided by the State and subject to the availability of state funding allocations. 

    • TIA-designated teachers will receive TIA compensation annually based on their TIA designation and TIA state funding for their campus of assignment at the time TIA funds are disbursed. 
    • Other teachers designated as high-performing by Fabens ISD will receive TIA compensation annually based on notice to the district of approved TIA state funding for their campus of assignment. Amounts will vary depending on the number of TIA-designated teachers employed at the campus.  
    • Compensation will be distributed in the July 15 paycheck, provided all information is received per TEA’s published timelines.

    TRS Retirement Impact of Compensation

    TIA compensation amounts will be included in the annual wages reported to the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) and will be used when calculating retirement benefits. 

    Deduction Information

    TIA compensation amounts received will include typical reductions from the allotment received to cover the cost of TRS, on-behalf payments, Medicare, Workers Compensation, and any other pertinent deductions. 

    Teachers Leaving Fabens ISD

    If a teacher leaves Fabens ISD after the Class Roster Winter Submission, the teacher will receive the funding amount allocated to them based on the TIA approved by TEA.  These funds will be paid to them in July.