Fabens Elementary School

Dedicated to excellence in education

Mission Statement

  • Our mission, vision, and values are what we are seeking for every student to become life long learners.
    Everything we do is inspired by our enduring mission:
    • “Our mission is Fabens Elementary School is to make all students become life long learners in a global society”.
    • By providing students a positive environment and that is conducive to their academic needs.
    • Our TEAM effort (Together Educating All Minds), will bond us in a positive direction towards our school mission.

    We have established a Vision with clear goals. Fabens Elementary is a place where:

    • minds, hearts, and hands come together to become a “Life Long Learner”.
    Our students are provided with a strong foundation for their life journeys by instilling these values:

    • High Expectations for themselves in all areas from academics to extra-curricular activities.
    • Students will show courtesy and respect for all the school staff and each other.
    • We encourage every student to develop problem-solving skills.
    • Instill that all students will have dignity, value, and self-worth.

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