Vision & Mission Statement

  • T-STEM Vision Statement
    Students who enroll in our T-STEM Academy will graduate with STEM endorsement and will be ready to lead our communities equipped with the work skills of the 21st century.  All students will be successful and will be college ready.
    Fabens ISD Mission Statement
    Our mission as members of the Fabens Professional Learning Community is to empower, enable, encourage and challenge all our students to reach their full educational potential.  For our Fabens student learning community, we will facilitate a rigorous curriculum that implements innovative and progressive instructional strategies supported by best teaching practices.


  • T-STEM Leadership Team


    Dr. Veronica Vijil


    Assistant Superintendent:

    Michele Gonzalez


    FHS Principal

    Anthony Prado


    FHS Assistant Principal

    Alejandro Navarro


    T-STEM Counselor:

    Veronica Rodriguez


    T-STEM Coordinators

     Julieta Banuelas, District T-STEM Coordinator

    Ana Luna, Fabens Middle School (6-8 grades)

    Rebeca Marquez, O'Donnell Intermediate School (4-5 grades)

    Terry Martinez, Fabens Elementary School (K-3 grades)


    CTE Facilitator

    Ismael Salas


    Institution of Higher Education Partner

    Dr. "Tonie" Badillo

    Dean Dual Credit and Early College High School

    El Paso Community College


    Business Partners

    John Mack

    Global Business and Technology Leader, El Paso branch

    Prudential Finance, Inc.


    Yolanda Gutierrez, CEM, CSDP, EE

    Commercial Services

    El Paso Electric Company


    Dr. Ahsan Choudhuri

    Associate Vice President for Strategic Alliances

    University of Texas at El Paso



  • Curriculum Alignment Documents
    TSI /ACT/ SAT Testing
    The following testing dates are determined on official websites and changes may occur. 
    Please reference the SAT website and ACT or contact our campus couselors, Mr. P. Gonzalez (TSI/PSAT/ASVAB) and Ms. V. Rodriguez (SAT/ACT).
    August 24: SAT Sign-up @ Library/English Classes
    October 6: SAT Exam @ FHS/8am-1pm
    October 10: PSAT @ FHS Gym/ 10th graders
    October 25: ASVAB @ FHS Gym/ 8am-noon
    December 8: ACT Testing / location was students' choice
    January TBD: TSI Pre-Assessment Activity Module
    January 11: ACT Registration Deadline for February 9 testing
    February 8: SAT Registration Deadline for March 9 testing
    February TBD: TSI Testing
    April 5: SAT Registration Deadline for May 4 testing

Benchmark 5: Work Based Learning

Benchmark 6: Student Support

  • Mandatory Tutoring and ICU
    Mandatory Tutoring: 
    Tutoring is assigned by individual teachers based on student needs.  Student will sign a letter stating he/she is aware of his/her attendance with that particular teacher for a specific amount of time.  Student is responsible of informing the parents of the mandatory tutoring.
    A communication tool used on campus when students have missing or incomplete assignments.  Teachers submit the names of students missing/incomplete work into the ICU database. The database then submits a text/email to parents alerting them of the students progress in class.  Teachers communicate with students of the missing/incomplete assignments.  The student is required to complete the assignment after school for a grade.
    A+ Program: 
    Credit Recovery for Seniors who are lacking credit.  Students have the opportunity to recover credit through the on-line program, A+. Student has access to a teacher guide during class to complete lessons.  

Benchmark 2: Target Population

  • Communication Plan

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  • Recruitment Plan

    Fabens' TSTEM Academy has implemented STEM clubs at Fabens' Elementary, O'Donnell Intermediate, and Fabens' Middle School to expose students to STEM career fields, PBLs, and innovative learning environment.  The scaffolding of activities performed at each campus STEM club promotes recruitment to Fabens' TSTEM Academy at the high school level.  In addition, counselors inform eighth graders of the STEM endorsement that is available at the high school. Please see list below for future events.
    November 22, 2019: Fabens Middle School Tour, 7th graders from 9-12 noon, 8th graders 1 -3:30 pm.
    January 22, 2020: TSTEM Parent Night (8th graders) @ Fabens Middle School Gym from 5 -7 pm.
    TBD: Fabens Middle School TSTEM Outreach
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Benchmark 3: Strategic Alliance