• The Athletic Program at Fabens ISD is a small community committed with an emphasis on athletic growth to prepare students for meaningful lives, and responsible citizens in a global society. The program will provide students the challenge to develop their physical and emotional capabilities and understand the values of attitude, commitment, responsibility, work ethic and being a team player in a competitive environment.  The operational basis of the program is to oversee student-athletes in the developmental stages from middle school to high school and provide paths for the success of the program.

    “Fabens ISD Athletic Department will be a prominent 4-A entity known for integrity, academic excellence, and superlative athletes.”

     Values of Athletic Program: The most widely accepted justification for interscholastic athletes relates to its alleged character-building benefits.  Athletes at Fabens ISD should develop the following traits through guidance and participation by the program: 

    *Strong work ethic     *Perseverance     *Sacrifice for a cause     *Leadership     *Loyalty     *Competitiveness     *Dedication     *Collaboration


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  • Rolaura De Anda

    Physical Address: 600 NE 4th St., Fabens, TX 79838

    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 697, Fabens, TX. 79838

    Phone: (915) 765-2634


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