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All students of Fabens Independent School District  will be prepared to be successful, lifelong, global learners.

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2014-2015 Welcome Back Message & Staff Development Schedule

Welcome Back Message
Staff Development Schedule

TEA Posts New Video to Explain State Accountability Rating System 

In advance of the public release of state accountability ratings on August 8, TEA has posted a video that provides a basic overview of the state accountability system and what goes into the annual ratings of schools, districts and charters.  Play Video

House Bill 5: Evaluation of Performance in Community and Student Engagement (C+SE) Campus and District Ratings  

Click here to see report.

House Bill 5

While HB 5 will impact a number of areas in the Texas Education Code, the new law will significantly change the requirements for high school graduation, graduation planning and state testing requirements at all levels. HB 5 is designed to instill more flexibility in public education by enabling students to either pursue a traditional path into colleges and universities or move directly into the workforce to help fill what business leaders say is a critical skills shortage.  

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Personal Graduation Plan (PGP) Letter to Parents

As part of the House Bill 5 requirement, all 8th grade students are required to meet with school administration to address their Personal Graduation Plan (PGP) for high school.  

Click here to view complete letter and schedule:
Absence Reporting

As we move forward to 2014 school year, we are implementing new modules in TEAMS. We are very excited to start our new absence reporting procedures. This will assist in the process of accurately reporting absences and attendance. This process will also support the new substitute module that has been implemented. Effective immediately, all FISD staff are required to report their absences and future absences through the employee service center.  If you have any questions, please contact your campus secretaries that have been trained in this new module.  Please continue to follow the procedures of contacting your respective administrators and/or campus personnel of any absences. Click here to view procedure

Thank you for everyone's cooperation and support.
Gilbert Alarcon
Assistant Supt. of Finance and Operations
Fabens I.S.D.


Under the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), the Texas Education Agency (TEA) is required to determine if school districts and charter schools receiving ESEA Title III funds have met certain objectives for English language learners (ELLs), also referred to in current law as limited English proficient (LEP) students. These objectives are known as the Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAOs). If the school district or charter school does not meet all AMAOs, it must fulfill specific requirements. One requirement is to notify you, as the parent of an English language learner, that the school district and/or charter school did not meet all AMAOs for measuring student achievement in the 2012-2013 school year.

Read the entire letter by clicking below:
English Version
Spanish Version

One Call NOW !!

We are happy to introduce the community to a new communication tool that will allow us to quickly send emergency or informational messages to residents. The use of the One Call Now notification service will help us keep everyone safe and informed. 

The One Call Now system can deliver messages via phone, SMS text and/or email. Each resident can have up to six phone numbers and five email addresses assigned to them. This will allow for messages to be sent to home phones, work phone, cell phones, etc. 

Over the next couple of weeks, you may be asked to provide additional contact numbers to be included in the One Call Now contact list. This will ensure that you will receive the messages at the appropriate phone numbers and email addresses. 

By using this service, we are able to better communicate with residents while reducing the need to print and distribute notices. It will also allow us to send you urgent messages such as weather/evacuations, neighborhood watch advisories, or amber alerts. 

Please know that none of your personal information will be shared with anyone. One Call Now takes the security and privacy of your personal information (i.e. phone numbers, email addresses) very seriously. This is never sold or shared – you will not receive any unsolicited calls as a result of using the service. 

If you have any questions regarding the type of messages that will be sent using this system, please contact your campus office. 

Click here to learn more about One Call NOW.

School districts receiving federal funds under Title I, Part A are required to make choice available to all students who are enrolled in Title I campuses if their campus has been identified as in school improvement. The school district is responsible for paying all or a portion of the transportation necessary for students to attend their new campuses, subject to the limitations in statute.  Please click here to download complete document.

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