Fabens Independent School District

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Special Education Monitoring System

Special Education Monitoring System

  • 2016 SPED Performance Based Monitoring
            Pending Final Results
  • 2016 District Profile of State Performance Plan Indicators
            Pending Final Results
  • Financial Audits
            Compliant with IDEA Requirements (Excellent)
  • Texas Disproportionate Representation
            No Significant Disproportionality (Excellent)
  • 2016 Local Educational Agency Compliance Report
             100%  Compliance (Excellent) 
  • 2016 Local Education Agency (LEA) Determination Report
            Meets Requirements (Excellent)
Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) §616, states are required to make annual determinations about the performance of the LEAs using the categories of Meets Requirements , Needs Assistance, Needs Intervention, and Needs Substantial Intervention. Under IDEA §616(f) (34 CFR 300.608(a)), if, in making its annual determinations, the state educational agency (SEA) determines that any LEA is not meeting the requirements of Part B, including meeting compliance targets in the state's performance plan (SPP) indicators 9,10,11,12 and 13, the SEA must prohibit that LEA from reducing its maintenance of effort (MOE) under IDEA §613(a)(2)(C) for the 2011-12 fiscal year. Therefore, if the LEA's Determination status is Needs Assistance, Needs Intervention, or Needs Substantial Intervention, the LEA is not eligible to voluntarily reduce MOE for the 2015-2016 fiscal year based on the flexibility option of 34 CFR §300.205.

County-District Number: 071903       
District: Fabens ISD        
Region 19

2015-16 LEA Determination Status: Not Staged
The following areas were reviewed in making the LEA's Determination status:
Determination Data Elements Ratings
1. State Performance Plan (SPP) Compliance Indicators- 0
2. Valid, Reliable, and Timely Data- 0
3. Status of Uncorrected Noncompliance- 0
4. Financial Audits- 0
5. Program Effectiveness- 0
Total- 0

Determination Crosswalk
Total Performance Level               Determination
No 2's or 3's                                     Meets Requirements
One or more 2's but no 3's               Needs Assistance                             
One 3                                               Needs Intervention
More than one 3                               Needs Substantial Intervention
For more information about the LEA Determination Process, see the School Year 2013-14 Local Educational Agency (LEA) Determinations Methodology handout from the Texas Education Agency Division of Federal and State Education Policy dated March 2015 or contact the Division of IDEA Coordination at 512-463-9414.